New Members

Hi All.

Been a few weeks since we had an update. Sorry about that.

We have some new names added to our Distribution List for the event, we have received our first Entry Fee’s which is fantastic.

The Hotel have confirmed the reservation of the rooms for us.  Citroen have confirmed their involvement again for UMBR2018 which is amazing for us.

The Entry forms received through the Website are working well, 15 so far I think we are at.  As mentioned, some of those are new members to the event.

We have had confirmation of an entrant travelling over 5,500 miles to come and take part in the event.

The event still needs a sponsor, if you know of any business that might be interested in supporting the event and allowing us to advertise their business then please pass my details on, time is starting to run short for the sorting out the advertising materials and placing orders for things like the T-Shirts.

As always, thanks for supporting us and keep up to date on our event for 2018.

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