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We were looking to gauge opinion on how we should go ahead, the solutions we had in place for some things.

I would like to thank those of you have taken the time to respond and the feedback given.  Sadly the feedback given has created several more potential issues that had not even crossed our minds which is good in a way but makes the event even harder to arrange.  Along with, very understandable, 15 people pulling out.

Your praise of our event and the lengths we go to make it enjoyable have been appreciated.

Just to round up the feedback supplied.

Seating on coaches, we had confirmed we would need an additional coach to cater for the numbers travelling but we would need to supply the relevant PPE.  The additional coach and the PPE would be at a cost.

The Hotel, how can we all be seated (100 people) at a time, the previous catering wouldn’t quite work with the queuing system, potential issues around the bar and people from unknown households sharing rooms.

The Dinner time catering, again a bottleneck occurs whilst eating at the dinner points, precautions with face masks, gloves, hand wash etc would make those occasions hard to manage.

Check points, we would need individual Risk assessments for each point, cleaning stations prior to the water and food.

All meeting at the Railway inn until 4pm to cycle the last stretch in would be near on impossible due our numbers.

The ending, what would it be without the crowd of friends and family ?

Thank you to all who have been in touch and expressed their wish for us to maintain the entry fee for next years event.  The funds are held in secure bank account, the entrant list for 2020 will remain exactly as it for next year, 2021.  Each and every person already listed is pre registered for next year.

Due to a potential family holiday with Alex there is a chance, not as yet confirmed, that the event will be put off a month from May to June.  Allows for better weather and bit more training for those that need it.

I am sorry that we couldn’t find a way to make this happen but you come first, the safety and wellbeing of you all matters more than anything, right now I cant find a way to mitigate some of these risks.

From Derek, Steve and myself, thank you for the support of the event this year.  As pointed out by a good friend……. The Olympics have fallen this year as have many other major events.  UMBR has lost the battle against Covid19…………. For now.

In 2019 the team of 80 raised a massive £14,500 for Martin House. What an achievement by all.

In total our little UMBR adventure over 7yrs has now raised more than £64k for Martin House, that is all money that has gone to them, not a penny has gone to the running costs of the event.

UMBR 2019 was a little bit smaller than was planned originally but still enjoyed by all that took part

The event has grown so much over the past 7yrs that it was closed very early to entrants for 2019, will 2020 be the same ??

This year we are in partnership with Progeny for a 2nd year.  Progeny after their joint involvement last year have very kindly come forward to be the main sole sponsor of our event.  Without the fantastic support we are receiving from them I can guarantee that I would be having sleepless nights again.

2020 renews our friendship with Tetley Coaches, we thank them for the support they are showing us this year and potentially look forward to working with them in the future.  Tetleys have a long standing relationship with Martin House.

Citroen Leeds, Unite, Danone have again joined our event as supporters, their continued support is very much appreciated.

Distances. Whilst our event has a total distance for the cyclists of 127 miles, the drivers cover around 300 miles over the weekend.

75 cyclists, what could go wrong you may ask.  Well to make things a little easier we will again be supplying all the team (cyclists and support cars) with trackers, yes, you will be able to see a live update for the complete weekend of where the team are up to.

The St John Ambulance on hand again, hopefully not having much to do, we know the team can be looked after medically.

2019 – The year of the Electric bike, not 1 but 2.  How many will 2020 have, come along and find out.

A Little About Us:

Hi, I’m Mick Mason aka Uncle Mick. Several years ago my Nephew, Alex, was diagnosed with a life limiting disorder called Friedreich’s Ataxia. Following the diagnosis my brother and sister-in-law were directed towards Martin House Children’s Hospice located at Boston Spa.

The aim of Martin House is to provide family led care for children with life shortening conditions. It is a place where children, young people and their families can come to stay from time to time along their journey and find support, rest and practical help.

Since Alex’s diagnosis Martin House have supported my family and many others like them in so many wonderful ways that we thought that it was time that we gave something back.

UMBR was named by the Martin House fundraising team. The event was original thought of by Derek Mason, Steve Braithwaite and myself. We all took part in the opening event in April 2013. Derek driving support and Steve and myself cycling. The event was completed along the banks of the Canal from Liverpool to Leeds, a grand distance of 127.5 miles.