After missing 2 events due to Covid and the horrible impact it has had globally we are now in really strong position to announce that UMBR 2022 is preliminarily booked for the 14th / 15th May 2022.

The hotel have confirmed these dates, contact has already been made with the Canals & Rivers Trust to get the Event Application entered and registered so we should be good to go.

Are you ready for the event of the year, ready to get out and about and raise some funds for Martin House.

As always we have not set an individual target but we have set a group target of £20k.  Can you help make that happen ?


Distances. Whilst our event has a total distance for the cyclists of 127 miles, the drivers cover around 300 miles over the weekend.

75 cyclists, what could go wrong you may ask.  Well to make things a little easier we will again be supplying all the team (cyclists and support cars) with trackers, yes, you will be able to see a live update for the complete weekend of where the team are up to.

The St John Ambulance on hand again, hopefully not having much to do, we know the team can be looked after medically.

2019 – The year of the Electric bike, not 1 but 2.  How many will 2022 have, come along and find out.

A Little About Us:

Hi, I’m Mick Mason aka Uncle Mick. Several years ago my Nephew, Alex, was diagnosed with a life limiting disorder called Friedreich’s Ataxia. Following the diagnosis my brother and sister-in-law were directed towards Martin House Children’s Hospice located at Boston Spa.

The aim of Martin House is to provide family led care for children with life shortening conditions. It is a place where children, young people and their families can come to stay from time to time along their journey and find support, rest and practical help.

Since Alex’s diagnosis Martin House have supported my family and many others like them in so many wonderful ways that we thought that it was time that we gave something back.

UMBR was named by the Martin House fundraising team. The event was original thought of by Derek Mason, Steve Braithwaite and myself. We all took part in the opening event in April 2013. Derek driving support and Steve and myself cycling. The event was completed along the banks of the Canal from Liverpool to Leeds, a grand distance of 127.5 miles.